Milk Punch – Cocktail

Author – Federico Mastellari From Book: I Cocktail Mondiali, Hoepli editore

GLASS Tumbler small 350 ml


ICE Block or cubes

RECEIPT 25 ml Mazzetti Brandy 12 anni
25 ml Myers’s Original Dark Jamaican Rum
30 ml Lemon Juice
20 ml Vanilla syrup
40 ml Earl Gray tea warm at 38-40 °
30 ml Lukewarm milk at 38-40 °
Decoration: lightly sprinkled with nutmeg

In a jug, mix all the ingredients except the milk. Now add the milk to the mixture and filter everything through a paper filter like those for the V-60 filter coffee. Let it curdle for the necessary time. To do this, place the paper filter on a funnel over a carafe and pour in the drink that will gradually drop clarified. Serve in a cold tumbler filled with ice and sprinkle with nutmeg.


Per realizzare questo cocktail ti occorrono:

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