The heart of Mazzetti d’Altavilla is Green. Green like the hills which give us our raw materials each year, like the future we dream of for the region in which we live and for the planet as a whole. We have undertaken numerous “green” initiatives in various parts of our production process, the life in the company, and in communications. The principles are: NATURAL ENERGY Since 2011, the company’s energy needs have been met entirely by natural sources thanks to the high-tech solar power systems with zero visual impact (to protect the UNESCO landscape) which guarantee a 58% reduction of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere compared to the pre-existing system. In the event that, at certain times of the year, the solar power systems are unable to meet the company’s power needs, the shortfall is covered by energy certified as being generated by wind or water, whilst in the event of an energy surplus, the excess quantity is fed into the national grid to help expand the supply of energy from natural sources. ZERO KM POMACE We only use grape skins and seeds that come from vineyards in Piedmont. This involves, in addition to the raw materials being much fresher, a lower environmental cost thanks to transportation over short distances. GREEN MOBILITY In order to facilitate the sustainable mobility of workers and tourists, a Palina –  a charging point for electric vehicles – has been installed at the company’s headquarters. A reference for “green” traffic which can be used free of charge during opening hours with the chance, in the meantime, to try the tasting experience, learn more about Grappa, and relax in the on-site café. LABELS The latest lines of spirits make use, as far as the labels are concerned, of natural paper created with FSC-certified cellulose, i.e. from forests which are managed in a sustainable way. The tubes created for the “Radici” line, in addition to being made with FSC-certified natural paper, are wrapped in a tube made completely of kraft paper, perfectly reusable for other purposes, once the product has been consumed, or, in turn, recyclable by disposing of it in the waste paper channel, with a view to a complete, circular economy. CULTURE OF REUSE Crates, boxes, cylinders, bottles and various other accessories are designed on the basis of a culture of reuse. Far from being exclusively wrappers or simply containers, with no use once the product has been consumed, they are multi-functional items to be kept and used at home and in everyday life, rather than clogging the waste collection and disposal system. PLASTIC FREE The “House of Grappa” has installed water dispensers, connected to the mains water system, that can supply the product in various ways. This makes it possible to eliminate the consumption of plastic bottles and thereby have a positive impact on the waste production and collection system. Every member of staff has his or her personal water bottle, an item that is also available to customers in order to spread good practices of safeguarding the environment.

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