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The new “Grappa & Chocolate Store” by Mazzetti d’Altavilla and Baratti & Milano arrives in the capital of the Langhe

A new fantastic 100% Piedmontese love story is about to be lived. The protagonists are, on the one hand, the spirits of one of the most historic grapperie in the North-West and, on the other, the chocolate of an equally ancient reality, which has always been linked to its territory of origin. Mazzetti d’Altavilla and Baratti & Milano, 340 years of history and tradition in two (founded respectively in 1846 and 1858), are preparing for a new adventure to be shared together in an example of concrete partnership between entrepreneurs of distinct sectors that come together to create innovative and tantalizing formats. Mazzetti d’Altavilla has been distilling Piedmontese pomace for seven generations to create grappas that are typically local to which are added other spirits such as fine Brandy, Gin and liqueurs, the result of a historic heritage of recipes. Baratti & Milano is a symbol of quality chocolate preserving an artisan soul that is expressed with the great refinement of the raw materials used, the professionalism and passion of its master chocolatiers, the exclusivity of many products and the elegance of its packaging. . The persuasive combination of spirits and chocolate has a precedent outside Piedmont and more precisely in the cosmopolitan Milan where the first “Grappa & Chocolate Store” has been active for two years, much more than a shop but rather a space to discover new intriguing frontiers of sensory consumption of the typical Piedmontese food and beverage products. And – if it is true that a winning team does not change – the now widely tested experiment lands this time in the capital of the Langhe: it will, in fact, be the city of Alba (Cn) to host (the opening is scheduled for Saturday, April 30th) in the historic heart of the city the new Grappa & Cioccolato Store, the second in partnership with Baratti & Milan and the fifth spirits shop headed by Mazzetti d’altavilla after the openings in Milan, Marcallo (Mi), Casale and Altavilla Monferrato (Al) . A new flag is ready to be placed on the capital of the Langhe located at the extremes of the Casalese area in the Piedmontese Wine Landscapes declared World Heritage Site in 2014. In the central Via Vittorio Emanuele, known by all the people of Alba (and not only) as ” Via Maestra “and as a place for strolling and shopping in the city, a hymn to the greediest Piedmont was born at number 13, capable of” taking by the throat “the visitors who increasingly flock to Monferrato and the Langa lands, even from abroad. and Roero.

The reasons that led the two historical realities of Made in Italy to create the new store in Alba are varied. For example, the role of the city as a world gateway to wine and agri-food tourism on the Piedmont slopes, its centrality with respect to the areas of origin of the precious pomace of Barolo, Barbaresco, Arneis and other vines that have always been distilled by Mazzetti d’Altavilla, the proximity to the areas of origin of the excellent varieties of hazelnuts used by Baratti & Milano in the production of historical types of chocolates such as cremini or gianduiotto.

What will the local public and tourists find at the Grappa & Cioccolato Store Alba? A wide selection of spirits such as grappa, brandy, liqueurs, bitters, bitters, gin, liqueur fruit and, at the same time, an extra-sharp range of pralines, bars, cremini (Baratti & Milano house specialties), candies, available in a suitable colorful assortment also to compose presentations of absolute appeal and satisfaction. And if the eye wants its part, the Alba Store will reserve a scenic and green-friendly setting for all the curious: the design concept marries an innovative line developed by the expert Paolo Scoglio, specialized in the design of Architectures in symbiosis with nature, in Italy and abroad. According to this study, the store stops being a ‘container’ that hosts exhibitors and products, becoming a total architecture in which the physical space merges with the furnishings, lighting, products and user experience. A space that, through continuous and sharp lines, is inspired by nothing less than the terroir, connoting the area of ​​origin of the product, the climate, the morphology of the soil, the wine making tradition, the work of man, the materials and colors. The project translates into the choice of natural oak wood, air-oxidized corten steel, lines of highly efficient sustainable LED lights … in short, a futuristic but warm casket, an experiential place in which natural and millenary materials are interpreted and re-proposed in one minimal green style.

In this context, the original element is given by the possibility of finding and composing gift ideas by taking advantage of suggestions for matching the scents and aromas of spirits and chocolates, always experimenting with new proposals of “sensorial pairing” that so thrill Italian and foreign palates.

The Grappa & Chocolate Store Alba (Tel. 0173 208815 – mail: ) is open (7 days a week) from Saturday 30 April. in via Vittorio Emanuele 13 (Via Maestra) with the following times: Monday (15-19), from Tuesday to Sunday (10-14 and 15-19).