La Vigna del Parroco®: The Most Ancient Ruchè, From Wine To Grappa

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Ferraris Agricola and Mazzetti d’Altavilla welcome “7.0 Le Origini”, the distillate that enhances the sublime notes of Ruchè from the most historic vineyard.


Standard bearer of a territory, uniqueness escaped extinction, grape variety with irreplaceable notes in wine as in grappa. Ruchè is an icon of Monferrato thanks to its unmistakable identity and a production limited to seven municipalities in the north of Asti which gives it that aura of rarity capable of stimulating the attention of consumers from all over the world. Today, however, this vine would no longer be among us without the work of Don Giacomo Cauda, ​​the parish priest who arrived in Castagnole Monferrato in 1964 – which has always been the main production town of this nectar – unaware that he is about to carry out an extra-spiritual mission: to save the Ruchè since his death. “May God forgive me if, in order to dedicate myself body and soul to the vineyard, I have sometimes neglected my Ministry”, were the words of Don Cauda to whose memory today a town square is dedicated. In fact, the parish priest safeguarded what would later be renamed as “Vigna del Parroco”, nowadays the vineyard with the oldest Ruchè strains existing throughout the production area. Almost sixty years have passed since the planting of Don Cauda and at the gates of this autumn the “Vigna del Parroco” is the protagonist of an absolute novelty that also concerns the world of distillation. Thanks to the collaboration between the Azienda Ferraris Agricola of Luca Ferraris – current owner of the most historic rows of Ruchè – and Mazzetti d’Altavilla – Distillers since 1846, a reality in the area founded 176 years ago and which has long been attentive to the enhancement of Ruchè in distillation Grappa 7.0 Le Origini is born, the brand new Riserva obtained from the exclusive distillation of marc from the “Vigna del Parroco”. For connoisseurs and the curious, this is a new concept of Grappa that marks the evolution of the 7.0 Barricata di Ruchè, already created in 2016 to convey through the modern language of numbers the key elements of the Ruchè grape: 7 like the generations of the “Mazzetti distillers d’Altavilla ”and the municipalities in which the Ruchè di Castagnole Monferrato grapes ripen. 0 the kilometers traveled by the Ruchè marc to reach the Grapperia, so reduced is the environmental impact of production thanks to the use of renewable energy sources.
“There are moments in which to look to the future you have to go back to where it all started. Grappa Le Origini – comments Silvia Belvedere Mazzetti, Commercial and Marketing Director of Mazzetti d’Altavilla – realizes our mission by trapping the most ancestral notes of Ruchè pomace from the oldest vineyard enhanced by an aging of 24 months in barriques to express a great complexity. Ruchè represents an emblem of the territory, those wine-growing (and cultural) roots that we are committed to communicating as much as possible to the public through meticulous attention to distillation and refinement. ”
“Grappa Origini brings with it a bigger project, aimed at enhancing Monferrato and its history. I am happy, enthusiastic, to have sealed a pact of trust with Mazzetti d’Altavilla. In fact, I believe that the synergy and collaboration between companies and entrepreneurs is the best tool to disseminate the culture of a territory and its peculiarities “, explains Luca Ferraris, soul of the company of the same name. “At the same time, we are proud that the parish priest’s vineyard is the protagonist of Le Origini grappa. We are talking about that plot of land managed, first by Don Giacomo Cauda, ​​then by Francesco Borgognone and finally by the team of Ferraris Agricola, who made the Ruchè vine and wine famous in the world “.


The new grappa is produced in a numbered series and in vintage format (2019 vintage) and with an alcohol content (44%) that refers to the parallel in which the vineyard in Castagnole Monferrato stands exactly. From these days this distillate – the most important new entry of the year in the Collection signed by Mazzetti – will be available to the public throughout Italy (in shops, at the Grappa Stores Mazzetti, on and will also be the protagonist of some events that will take place in the upcoming autumn, together with the Ruchè Vigna del Parroco wine. As part of “Vignale in Danza” on Friday 21 October there will be a special evening dedicated to dance and Ruchè with tastings of Ferraris Agricola wines during dinner at the Materia Prima restaurant and of Ruchè grappas (including “Le Origins “) during the next show scheduled in the new restored spaces of the headquarters.

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