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For a special birthday you need an equally special gift. Indeed, many gifts … like the medals that Mazzetti d’Altavilla celebrates in this 2021 marked by the 175th anniversary of the company’s foundation in the Monferrato hills. A goal that, if on the one hand it looks to the past and its seven generations so far committed to passing on the art of distillation, on the other hand it projects itself directly into the future, always aiming for new goals. The abacus of the prizes awarded in this 2021 to the grappery created in 1846 is truly exceptional: the record of five prizes obtained at the 2021 edition of the “L’Alambicco d’Oro” Competition stands out, a result never achieved in living memory and made possible by the four Gold and one Silver medals awarded by the A.N.A.G. (National Association of Grappa Tasters): the “gold” badge went to 7.0 Grappa di Ruchè Barricata 100% Cru, Italian Brandy Mazzetti Aged 27 Years and Grappa Riserve Incanto (obtained from Barbaresco pomace) and Alba (blend of Barolo and Erbaluce) while the Grappa di Malvasia from the Radici line is colored silver, at its first participation in a national competition after its creation in 2020 to enhance an indigenous Monferrato vine with an extremely limited production such as Malvasia di Casorzo. In recent days, however, the “Platinum” award to the Italian Brandy Mazzetti Aged 35 Years by The WineHunter Award 2021, a competition promoted as part of the Merano Wine Festival that rewarded the commitment in the creation of wine spirits of great poetry which is this Brandy whose maturation took place in the time span 1984-2019 embracing three generations of Mazzetti distillers. But the South Tyrolean competition also awarded the Licorice Mazzetti liqueur and the Grappa di Barolo Riserva with the “Gold” award and the Bitter Mazzetti with the “Red” stamp, extending to the Originals line, including ancient recipes of spirits and liqueurs. Great tribute to Mazzetti also by the selection of Bibenda, the prestigious guide (2022 edition) which brought two Piedmontese Grapperia Reserves to the podium: Incanto (Barbaresco) and Segni (Barolo and Dolcetto) which will appear in the note collected thanks to the prize of “5 Bunches”. And it is again the aromatic Grappa di Malvasia to triumph in the 2022 guide of “Spirito Autoctono” which adds a point in favor of the young and pure 0 km distillate of the Radici line which at the beginning of 2021 was also a finalist at Barawards 2020 in the section dedicated to Beverage products nominated for “Innovation of the Year”. But 175 years are celebrated not only with awards for spirits but also for hospitality: both the Grappa Store Mazzetti and the Materia Prima Restaurant, both located at the Altavilla Monferrato headquarters, have obtained the “Italian Hospitality” Q Mark promoted by the Chamber of Commercio Alessandria – Asti presenting the reception characteristics provided for by the regulation and thus crowning the efforts in the tourism and catering sector that this autumn are gathering results of clear growth thanks to guided tours, tasting menus that can also be combined with the tasting path of spirits and to the constant opening (seven days a week) of the shop.