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The subject of mixing comes from the increasingly skilful and versatile use of zero kilometre spirits through the encounter between our beverage, the region’s authentic beverage, and the latest trends. The spotlight is focused, then, on a zero kilometre mixology which uses the many nuances of the universe of perfumes and aromas of “Piedmont in the Spirit”, allowing you to take a journey through twelve young barwomen and barmen who have lent their creativity to mixing Grappa, Acquaviti di Vino, Brandy and Liqueurs, helping create the fashion image of the Piedmont spirits and spread an innovative lifestyle. Twelve different drinks, from pre-dinner to after-dinner, accompanied by an unusual itinerary through lounge bars, hotels, and fine restaurants, which leads to visiting, pampered by the persuasive aromas of the Piedmont spirits, every corner of Piedmont, from the Savoy capital of Turin, to other cities, the lakes, and the UNESCO hills. Here are the barwomen and barmen, their cocktails and the places where the cocktails were invented and photographed by Paolo Bernardotti: Stefano Armiento (“Fog in the Morning” at the KioskoStiss Cocktail Bar in Viverone, Biella), Samuel Donniacuo (“Grappa Tonic” at Edit in Turin), Stefano Zanetta (“Giostra nel Bosco” at the Vittoria Hotel & Restaurant in Santhià, Vercelli), Nicolò Raviglione (“Mazzetti di Camomilla” at the La Lira Restaurant & Lounge Bar in Biella), Nicola Mancinone (“Amarcord” at the “Il Confessionale per Terrazza Alta Langa, Tra la terra e il cielo” in Moasca, Asti), Mirko Turconi  (“Piemon-tai-s” at the Piano 35 Lounge Bar in Turin), Leandro Cedeno (“El Cafetero” at the Galì food & drink in Cuneo), Camila Paim Spriano (“Koela 2.0” at the Koela Cafè in Alessandria), Marco Riccetti (“Bambun” at the Inside Restaurant & Cocktail Bar in Turin), Maurizio Sironi (“La Contadina” at the Fluid on the Road per Ago Cafè in Novara), Micaela Contini (“Bitter is better” at the Sky Bar in the Hotel La Palma in Stresa, Verbania) and Luigi Barberis (“Apple Brandy”, Caffè dei Mercanti in Acqui Terme, Alessandria).