The Cardinal Cocktail according to Luigi Barberis! A versatile drink that can be enjoyed at any time of the year. Thanks to its combination of gin, vermouth and bitters, it has a balanced and complex flavor that makes it perfect both as an aperitif and as an evening drink. Furthermore, the Cardinale Cocktail is a great choice for those who like drier and less sweet cocktails.


3 cl of Vermouth Dry

3 cl of Bitter Mazzetti

3 cl of Gin Mazzetti

For decoration:

A lemon peel on the back

– Fill a mixing glass with ice.

– Add dry vermouth, bitter and gin.

– Mix gently for about 30-40 seconds with a bar spoon.

– Filter the contents into a previously cooled cocktail glass.

– Decorate with a lemon peel around the edge of the glass


Per realizzare questo cocktail ti occorrono:

Bitter Mazzetti


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